As a sophisticated investor or successful entrepreneur, you will have carefully built up a strong portfolio or business. However, there are times when you need to raise liquidity at short notice either to capitalize on a specific investment opportunity or for some business need.

You need a banking partner who can respond in a timely manner. At BanyanTree Bank, we place your needs at the heart of the loan-appraisal process and you can expect a quick and efficient response to your borrowing requirement, whether it is to leverage an existing asset, monetise a strategic equity stake or refinance an existing lender.

Loans against equity shares
We provide loans against the pledge of equity shares in certain markets. Such loans take into account the daily liquidity of the shares, the volatility and the level of security cover.

Recent Transactions:-
A UAE businessman needed urgent financing of $ 2 million to refinance an existing loan against unlisted shares in an Indian company. BanyanTree Bank was able to complete its assessment including valuation of the shares, documentation and disbursal within 2 weeks from the initial client request. The loan has a tenor of 2 years with a collateral cover of three times the value of the loan.

Specialised Lending
BanyanTree Bank is also able to structure loans for clients against third-party guarantees or cash (including on a silent basis). These structures may be required for a variety of reasons included, for example, when the lender is required to be a regulated entity.

Property Lending

We provide short-term interest-only or repayment loans to support property investment. These loans will ordinarily be secured either on a first charge or second charge basis by property in selected markets and will take into account the existing security arrangements, the proposed tenor and the likely repayment sources.

Recent Transactions:-
A Nigerian businessman needed urgent financing to finance the acquisition of several properties in a new London development project and was looking to raise just over £ 1 million for a 12-month tenure at short notice from BanyanTree Bank on a second charge basis. An inter-creditor agreement was quickly negotiated with the existing lender to ensure that the interests of all parties were taken into account.