Succession Planning

Helping clients and their families make wealth succession a success.
From ensuring the longevity of your business, empowering you to make a difference or preserving your wealth for future generations, we understand that peace of mind for the future is essential. With experience and invaluable connections, we work with specialists who draw on detailed insight into your wealth to ensure that your future lives up to your expectations.

As a young Bank with entrepreneurial spirit, we are well versed in the challenges that go hand-in-hand with wealth succession. Our experience has shown that transferring wealth from one generation to the next can be a smooth and fulfilling journey if it is well thought through and prepared for. The specialists that we work with have many years of experience and understand the complexities that our discerning clients face. Clients and their families find it helpful, to get the a range issues, addressed including:

  • When is the right time to pass wealth on?
  • Who gets involved in the decision-making?
  • How much do you give and to whom?
  • How do we best prepare the next generation for the opportunities and challenges wealth brings?
  • What are the implications of taxation on the transfer of wealth and how this can be done in the most tax efficient manner.

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Helping clients and their families through life's difficult moments.
People take out life insurance because they care. They do it to benefit someone else – their family and loved ones. We care that you care. Our trusted partners, provide the best possible life insurance solutions that are on offer. The solutions on offer include –

  • Term Life policy
  • Whole of Life policy
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Unit Linked Insurance Plans

We also work with vetted brokers to provide Non-Life Insurance solutions that cover –

  • Asset protection – for properties, cars, yacht, plane etc.
  • Business insurance – to cover the risks in an operating business, litigations etc
  • Worldwide Medical insurance – in the event that the family needs a service during a medical emergency

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Helping our clients and their families make a real difference to the causes and communities they care about.
We recognise the options open to those who want to make a difference are more varied and exciting than ever. From traditional grant-making to social investing in support of charitable activity or social enterprises, there are many enjoyable ways to make a positive lasting difference.

The specialists, that we work with have many years of experience in the fields of philanthropy internationally. Along with your Private Banker, the Specialists provide advisory services to clients at all stages of their philanthropy journeys, whether they are just starting out or are experienced. Clients and their families regularly seek advice on a range issues:

  • Embarking on a philanthropy journey
  • Developing a strategy for their philanthropy and/or social investment
  • Engaging the next generation
  • Developing an understanding of the causes they care about and how to effectively target their resources
  • Developing meaningful and appropriate relationships with the organisations they support
  • Reviewing the results and impact of their philanthropy

And when it comes to turning philanthropy strategies into reality, we work with partners who provide specialist advice and services associated with establishing and managing charitable trusts or foundations, including charity investment, trust services and charity banking.

To find out more about how we can help, please contact your private banker.